Publications (2007-08)


D. Narasimha and S.M. Chitre

Current Sci. 93, 1506 (2007)

Gravitational lens systems to probe extragalactic magnetic fields.


  • Publications

K.R. Sivaraman, H. M. Antia and S. M. Chitre

Solar Phys. 251, 149 (2008)

Zonal velocity bands and the solar activity cycle

H.M. Antia, S. Basu and S.M. Chitre

Astrophys. J. 681, 680 (2008)

Solar rotation rate and its gradients during cycle 23

H.M. Antia, S.M. Chitre and D.O. Gough

Astron. Astrophys. 477, 657 (2008)

Temporal variations in the Sun's rotational kinetic energy.

K. Bambardekar, A.K. Dharmadhikari, J.A. Dharmadhikari, D. Mathur and S. Sharma

J. Biomed. Optics 13, 064021 (2008)

Measuring erythrocyte deformability with fluorescence, fluid forces and optical trapping.

Mamta Aggarwal

Int. J. Mod. Phy. E 17, 1091 (2008)

Neutron emission spectra and level density of hot rotating 132Sn.

D. Mathur, F.A. Rajgara, A.K. Dharmadhikari and J.A. Dharmadhikari

Phys. Rev. A 78, 023414 (2008)

Strong-field ionization of water by intense few-cycle laser pulses.

D. Mathur, A.K. Dharmadhikari, and F.A. Rajgara

Phys. Rev. A 78, 013405 (2008).

Molecular symmetry effects in the ionization of CS2 by intense few-cycle laser pulses

A.K. Dharamdhikari, J.A. Dharmadhikari, F.A. Rajgara and D. Mathur

Opt. Express 16, 7083 (2008)

Polarization and energy stability of filamentation-generated few-cycle pulses

  • Gene Bank Submissions

Rao V. G., Khona D. K. and D'Souza J. S. (03-NOV-2008) Cloning of fap144 (CBS-1),
a flagellar gene from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Accession no. FJ377311.



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