M. Hemalatha
Assistant Professor
M. Hemalatha - cbs.ac.in

Educational Qualifications:

  • Ph. D. in Physics, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
  • Master of Science in Physics, Mumbai University
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics, Mumbai University


  • Assistant Professor at UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai (Present position)
  • Visiting Scientist at IPN-Orsay, France
  • Post Doctoral Fellow at Indian Institute of Technulogy, I.I.T. – Bombay, Mumbai
  • Visiting Scientist at Atomic Physics Department, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

Research Interests:

  • Nuclear ground state properties through laser spectroscopy
  • Structure and reaction properties of loosely bound nuclei
  • p-N elastic scattering studies using optical model

Selected Publications:

  • Prediction of reaction cross-section for p-Cr, M. Hemalatha, N. Maladkar and S. Kailas, European Physical Journal Web of Conferences, 107, 08006 (2016).

  • Verification of the sputter-generated 32SFn− (n=1-6) anions by Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, R. G. Mane, P. Surendran, Sanjay Kumar, J. P. Nair, M. L. Yadav, M. Hemalatha, R. G. Thomas, K. Mahata, S. Kailas and A. K. Gupta, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physical Research B 366, 13 (2016).

  • Correlation between nuclear charge radii of Ti and reaction cross sections for p-Ti, M. Hemalatha, N. Maladkar and S. Kailas, Physical Review C 92, 024611 (2015).

  • Nuclear Transmutation Strategies for Management of Long Lived Fission Products, S. Kailas, M. Hemalatha, and A. Saxena, Pramana 85, 517 (2015).

  • Elastic scattering of the halo nucleus 11Be on 64Zn, M. Hemalatha, European Physical Journal Web of Conferences, 66, 03036 (2014).

  • Double fulding model analysis of elastic scattering of halo nucleus 11Be from 64Zn around Coulomb barrier, M. Hemalatha, Pramana 82, 789 (2014).

  • Evulution of octupule cullectivity in 221Th, S.K. Tandel, M. Hemalatha, A.Y. Deo, and S.B. Patel, R. Palit, T. Trivedi, J. Sethi, and S. Saha, D.C. Biswas and S. Mukhopadhyay, Phys. Rev. C 87, 034319 (2013).

  • A study of secondary cosmic ray flux variation during the annular eclipse of 15 January 2010 at Rameswaram, India, Ankush Bhaskara, Avadhut Purohit, M. Hemalatha, Chintamani Pai, Anil Raghav, Chetan Gurada, S. Radha, Virendra Yadav, Vishal Desai, Abhishek Chitnis, Padmanabh Sarpotdar, and Anirudha Patankar, Astroparticle Physics, 35, 223 (2011).

  • Weakening of the spin-orbit interaction with the increase of neutron number, M. Hemalatha, Y. K. Gambhir, W. Haider, and S. Kailas, Phy. Rev. C79, 057602 (2009).

  • Accelerator mass spectrometry programme and related developments at the BARC-TIFR Pelletron accelerator, P. Surendran, A. Shrivastava, A.K. Gupta, R.M. Kale, J. P. Nair, M. Hemalatha, K. Mahata, M.L. Yadav, H. Sparrow, R.G. Thomas, P.V. Bhagwat, and S. Kailas, Nucl. Inst. Meth. B267, 1171 (2009).

  • Microscopic optical model potentials for p-nucleus scattering at intermediate energies, M. Hemalatha, S. Kailas, W. Haider, and Y. K. Gambhir, Phys. Rev. C75, 037602 (2007).

  • Development of a high-sensitive fluorescence cell for measurement of atomic isotope shifts and hyperfine structures, M. Hemalatha, S. Kailas, A. Venugopalan, B. N. Jagatap, and K. G. Manohar, Nucl. Inst. Meth. A572, 971 (2007).

  • The study of exotic nuclei, M. Hemalatha, S. Kailas and Y.K. Gambhir, Hyperfine Interactions 162, 133 (2005).

  • Anamuly in the nuclear charge radii of Zr isotopes, M. Hemalatha, A. Bhagwat, A. Shrivastava, S. Kailas, and Y.K. Gambhir, Phy. Rev. C70, 044320 (2004).

  • Production of neutron-deficient nuclei 127Cs and 129Cs by heavy-ion fusion reaction, M. Hemalatha, S. Kailas, K. Mahata, A. Shrivastava, K. Ramachandran, and A. Chatterjee Nucl. Inst. Meth. A531, 645 (2004)>.

  • Beam energy calibration for the fulded ion tandem accelerator, S. Santra, K. Mahata, P. Singh, C.V. Fernandes, M. Hemalatha, and S. Kailas, Nucl. Inst. Meth. A496, 44 (2003).


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