UM-DAE-CEBS Publications – 2015

Novel (3,2)D- reduced dimensionality experiments and their automated analysis: Implications to high-throughput structural studies on proteins
J. G. Reddy, D. Kumar and R. V. Hosur
Magn. Reson. Chem., 53(2015) 79-87)

Molten globule nature of Plasmodium falciparum P2 homo-tetramer
P. Mishra, S. Choudhary, S. Mukherjee, D. Sengupta, S. Sharma and R.V. Hosur
Biochem. Biophys. Reports, 1 (2015) 97-107)

Ribosomal Protein P2 from apicomplexan parasite, Toxoplasma gondii is intrinsically a molten globule
P. Mishra, S. Choudhary and R. V. Hosur
Biophysical Chem., 200-201 (2015) 27-33)

Thermodynamic insights into drug-surfactant interactions: study of the interactions of naporxen, diclofenac sodium, neomycin, and lincomycin with hexadecytrimethylammonium bromide by using isothermal titrationcalorimetry
S. Choudhary, P. Talele and N. Kishore
Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces, 132 (2015) 313-321

Inhibition of insulin fibrillation by osmolytes: Mechanistic Insights
S. Choudhary, Nand Kishore, and R. V. Hosur
Sci. Rep., 5 (2015) 17599

Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of di-substituted noscapine analogs as potent and microtubule-targeted anticancer agents
R. C. Mishra, S. R. Gundala, P. Karna, M. Lopus, K. K. Gupta, M. Nagaraju, D. Hamelberg, V. Tandon, D. Panda, M. D. Reid and R. Aneja
Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 25 (2015) 2133-2140

Rational design of biphenyl pharmacophore substituted noscapine derivatives as potent tubulin binding anticancer compounds
S. Santoshi, N. K. Manchukonda, C. Suri, M. Sharma, B. Sridhar, S. Joseph, M. Lopus, S. Kantevari, I. Baitharu and P. K. Naik
J. Comput. Aided Mol. Des., 29 (2015) 249-270

Taking aim at a dynamic target: Noscapinoids as microtubule-targeted cancer therapeutics
M. Lopus and P. K. Naik
Pharmacol Rep., 67 (2015) 56-62

TPd-catalyzed regioselective arylation on C-5 position of N-aryl 1,2,3-Triazoles
K. B. D. Yamajala, M. Patil and S. Banerjee
J. Org. Chem., 80 (2015) 3003-3011

Vibrational relaxation as the driving force for wavelength conversion in the peridinin chlorophyll a-protein
J. Götze, B. Karasulu, M. Patil and W. Thiel
Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 1847 (2015) 1509-1517

Curcumin promotes fibril formation in F Isomer of human serum albumin via amorphous aggregation
N. Mothi, S. Muthu, A. Kale and B. Ahmad
Biophys. Chem, 207 (2015) 30-39

Synthesis of highly emissive 1,8-diaryl anthracene derivatives for organic light emitting devices: Substituent effect on fabrication of micro/nanostructure
N. Agarwal, M. Patil and M. Patil
RSC Adv., 5 (2015) 98447–98455

Transverse wobbling in 135Pr
J. T. Matta, U. Garg, W. Li, S. Frauendorf, A. D. Ayangeakaa, D. Patel, K. W. Schlax, R. Palit, S. Saha, J. Sethi, T. Trivedi, S. S. Ghugre, R. Raut, A. K. Sinha, R. V. F. Janssens, S. Zhu, M. P. Carpenter, T. Lauritsen, D. Seweryniak, C. J. Chiara, F. G. Kondev, D. J. Hartley, C. M. Petrache, S. Mukhopadhyay, D. Vijaya Lakshmi, M. Kumar Raju, P. V. MadhusudhanaRao, S. K. Tandel, S. Ray and F. Donau
Physical Review Letters, 114 (2015) 082501

Role of neutrons in the coexistence of magnetic and antimagnetic rotation bands in 107Cd
D. Choudhury, R. Palit, P. Singh, J. Sethi, S. Saha, S. Biswas, H. C. Jain, V. Nanal, R. G. Pillay, R. Donthi, S.K. Jadhav, B.S. Naidu, B. Maheshwari, A. K. Jain, S. C. Pancholi, R. P. Singh, S. Mukhopadhyay, D. C. Biswas, L. S. Danu, S. K. Tandel, L. Chaturvedi, K. R. Devi and S. Singh
Physical Review C, 91 (2015) 014318

Microscopic investigations of α emitters close to the N = Z line
J. P. Maharana, A. Bhagwat and Y. K. Gambhir
Physical Review C, 91 (2015) 047301

Consistent description of cluster decay phenomenon in trans actinide nuclei
Ameya Bhagwat and R. J. Liotta
Physical Review C, 92 (2015) 044312

Rotation-aligned isomer and oblate collectivity in 196Pt
S. G. Wahid, S. K. Tandel, P. Chowdhury, R. V. Janssens, M. P. Carpenter, T. L. Khoo, F. G. Kondev, T. Lauritsen, C. J. Lister, D. Seweryniak and S. Zhu
Physical Review C, 92 (2015) 054323

High spin spectroscopy and shape coexistence in 73As
M. K. Raju, P. V. M. Rao, S. K. Tandel, P. Sugathan, R. P. Singh, S. Muralithar, T. S. Reddy, B. V. T. Rao, J. Meng, S. Zhang, J. Li, Q. B. Chen, B. Qi and R. K. Bhowmik
Physical Review C, 92 (2015) 064324

Correlation between nuclear charge radii of Ti and reaction cross sections for p-Ti
M. Hemalatha, N. Maladkar and S. Kailas
Physical Review C, 92 (2015) 024611

Fission barrier damping of shell correction, and neutron emission in the fission of A~ 200
K. Mahata, S. Kailas and S. S Kapoor
Physical Review C, 92 (2015) 034602

Quaternary borocarbides: Relatively high Tc intermetallic superconductors and magnetic superconductors
C. Mazumdar and R. Nagarajan
Physica C, 514 (2015) 173-183

Origin of matching effect in anti-dot array of superconducting NbN thin films
S. Kumar, C. Kumar, J. Jesudasan, V. Bagwe, P. Parab, P. Raychaudhuri and S. Bose
Superconductor Science and Technology, 28 (2015) 055007

Black hole and the scientific process
M. Choudhury
Planex Newsletter, 5 (2015) 15-20

The QPO states of 4U 1630-47
M. Choudhury, N. Bhatt and S. Bhattacharyya
Monthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society, 447 (2015) 3960-3972

Intranight optical variability of radio-quiet weak emission line quasars – III
P. Kumar, Gopal-Krishna and H. Chand
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 448 (2015) 1463-1470

Isomers and oblate rotation in Pt isotopes: Delineating the limit for collectivity at high spins
S. K. Tandel, S. G. Wahid, P. Chowdhury, R. V. Janssens, M. P. Carpenter, T. L. Khoo, F. G. Kondev, T. Lauritsen, C. J. Lister, D. Seweryniak and S. Zhu
Phys. Lett. B, 750 (2015) 225-229

Nuclear transmutation strategies for management of long lived fission products
S. Kailas, M. Hemalatha, and A. Saxena
Pramana – Journal of Physics, 85 (2015) 517-523

Summary: 75 years of nuclear fission – present status and perspectives
S. Kailas
Pramana – Journal of Physics, 85 (2015) 555-560

Spectroscopy of heavy fissionable nuclei
S. K. Tandel
Pramana – Journal of Physics, 85 (2015) 385-394

Controlling two plasmon decay instability in intense femtosecond laser driven plasmas
P. K. Singh, A. Adak, A. D. Lad, G. Chatterjee, P. Brijesh and G. R. Kumar
Phys. Plasmas, 22 (2015) 113114

Coaxial propagation of Laguerre-Gaussian (LG) and Gaussian beams in a plasma
S. Misra, S. Mishra and P. Brijesh
Laser and Particle Beams, 33 (2015) 123-133

Contrasting levels of absorption of intense femtosecond laser pulses by solids
P.K. Singh, Y. Q. Cui, A. Adak, A. D. Lad, G. Chatterjee, P. Brijesh, Z. M. Sheng and G. Ravindra Kumar
Scientific Reports, 5 (2015) 17870

Applications to nuclear properties of the microscopic-macroscopic model based on semiclassical Wigner-Kirkwood method
X. Viñas, A. Bhagwat, M. Centelles, P. Schuck and R. Wyss
Physica Scripta, 90 (2015) 114001

Fusion Measurements for the 18O + 194Pt reaction and search for neutron shell closure effect
P. V. Laveen, E. Prasad, N. Madhavan, S. Pal, J. Sadhukhan, S. Nath, J. Gehlot, A. Jhingan, K. M. Varier, R. G. Thosmas, A. M. Vinod Kumar, A. Shamlath, T. Varughese, P. Suganthan, B R S Babu, S. Appanababu, K. S. Golda, B. R. Behera, V. Singh, R. Sandal, A. Saxena, B. V. John and S. Kailas
J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys., 42 (2015) 095105

The highest limiting Z in the extended periodic table
Y. K. Gambhir, A. Bhagwat and M. Gupta
J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys., 42 (2015) 125105

Effects of 2-amino-8-hydroxyquinoline interaction on the conformation of physiological isomers of human serum albumin
S. M. Shiriskar, N.Agarwal, R. R. S. Pissurlenkar and B. Ahmad
Eur. Biophys. J., 44 (2015) 193-205

Quantifying Ligand-Receptor Interactions for Gorge Spanning Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
A. F. Elvis, R. C. Martis, M. S. Chandarana, P. K. Shaikh, S. R. N. Ambre, J. S. D’Souza, K. R. Iyer, E. C. Coutinho and R. R. S. Pissurlenkar
J. Biomol. Struc. Dynam, 33 (2015) 1107-1125

Probing differentiation in cancer cell lines by single-cell micro-Raman spectroscopy
S. Barkur, A. Bankapur, M. Pradhan, S. Chidangil, D. Mathur and U. Ladiwala
J. Biomedical Optics, 20 (2015) 085001

Physiological relevance of programmed cell death in unicellular algal systems - A review
C. K.Krishna, V. L. Sirisha and J. S. D’Souza
Algal Research, 12 (2015) 126-133

Estimation of flavonoid content, polyphenolic content and antioxidant potential of different parts of Abrus precatorius (L.)
A. Jain, P. Sinha, A. Jain and S. L. Vavilala
Intern. J. Pharm. Pharmaceut. Sci., 7 (2015) 157-163

Preliminary secondary metabolite screening and GC-MS analysis of plant extracts of Tridaxprocumbens
A. Jain, D. V. Rao, V. L. Sirisha and A. Jain
International Journal of Applied, Natural and Social Sciences, 3(5) (2015) 9-26

Attenuation of lysozyme amyloid cytotoxicity by SPION-medicated modulation of amyloid aggregation
A. Naik, P. Kambli, M. Borana, N. Mohanpuria, B. Ahmad, V. Kelkar-Mane and U. Ladiwala
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 74 (2015) 439-446

Programmed cell death is induced by hydrogen peroxide but not by excessive ionic stress of sodium chloride in the unicellular green algae Chlamydomonasreinhardtii
V. L.Sirisha, K. K. Gawade, M. Sinha and J. D’Souza
European Journal of Phycology, 50 (2015) 422-438

Biochemical characterization and molecular dynamic simulation of β-sitosterol as a tubulin-binding anticancer agent
T. Mahaddalkar, C. Suri, P. K. Naik and M. Lopus
Eur. J. Pharmacol, 760 (2015) 154-162

Algal polysaccharides and their biological applications
V. L. Sirisha and J. S. D’Souza
Book Chapter: ‘Marine Algae Extracts: Processes, Products, and Applications”, Chapter 26, pages: 411-453; Edited by Se-Kwon Kim and Katarzyna Chojnacka.© 2015 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA.,

UM-DAE-CEBS Publications - 2016

Mechanistic insights into the initiation step of the base promoted direct C–H arylation of benzene in the presence of additive
M. Patil
J. Org. Chem., 81 (2016) 632–639.

Synthesis, photophysical and electrochemical studies of acridone-amine based donor-acceptors for hole transport materials
B. K. Sharma, A. M. Shaikh, N. Agarwal and R. M. Kamble
RSC Advances, 6 (2016) 17129-17137

Ferrocene catalysed heteroarylation of BODIPY and reaction mechanism studies by EPR and DFT methods
S. Dixit, M. Patil and N. Agarwal
RSC Advances, 6 (2016) 47491-47497.

Improving visible light photocatalytic activity of NaNbO3: a DFT based investigation
B. Modak, P. Modak and S. K. Ghosh,
RSC Advances, 6 (2016) 90188 – 90196.

Measurement of 1H NMR relaxation times in complex organic chemical systems: Application of PSYCHE
V. M. Rao Kakita, V. K. Shukla, M. Bopardikar, T. Bhattacharya and R. V. Hosur
RSC Advances, 6 (2016) 100098-100102.

Subtle alterations in microtubule assembly dynamics by Br-TMB-noscapine strongly suppress triple-negative breast cancer cell viability without mitotic arrest
T. Mahaddalkar, N. Manchukonda, S. Choudhary, S. Cheriyamundath, N. Mohanpuria, S. Kantevari and M. Lopus
Chemistry Select, 1 (2016) 4313 – 4319.

Mechanism of ylide transfer to carbonyl compounds: Density functional theory calculations
M. Patil and W. Thiel
Eur. J. Org. Chem., (2016) 830-839.

Cyclization of an α,β-unsaturated hydrazone catalyzed by a BINOL-phosphoric acid: pericyclic or not?
B. Heggen, M Patil and W. Thiel
J. Comp. Chem 37 (2016) 280–285

Chemical synthesis, pharmacological evaluation and in silico analysis of new 2,3,3a,4,5,6-hexahydrocyclopenta[c]pyrazole derivatives as potential anti-mitotic agents.
M. Maninder, D. Singh, T. Mahaddalkar, M. Lopus, P. Winter, A. T Ayoub, K. Missiaen, T. M. Tilli, M. Pasdar and J. Tuszynski
Bioorganic. Med. Chem. Lett. 26 (2016) 3855-3861

Competitive binding of anticancer drugs 5-fluorouracil and cyclophosphamide with serum albumin: Calorimetric insights
A. A Thoppil, S. Choudhary and N. Kishore
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1860 (2016) 917–929

Understanding thermodynamics of drug partitioning in micelles and delivery to proteins: Studies with naproxen, diclofenac sodium, tetradecyltrimethylammonium bromide and bovine serum albumin
P. Talele, S. Choudhary and N. Kishore
J. Chem. Thermodynamics 92 (2016) 182–190

Non-uniform-sampling ultrahigh resolution TOCSY NMR: Analysis of complex mixtures at microgram levels.
V. M. Rao Kakita and R. V. Hosur
ChemPhysChem 17 (2016) 2304-2308

Hadamard homonuclear broadband decoupled TOCSY NMR: Improved efficacy in detecting long-range chemical shift correlations
V. M. Rao Kakita and R. V. Hosur
ChemPhysChem 17 (2016) 4037-4042

Synergistic inhibition of protein fibrillation by proline and sorbitol: Biophysical investigations
S. Choudhary, S. N. Save, N. Kishore and R. V. Hosur
PlosOne 11 (2016) e0166487

Rational drug design and future directions: Thermodynamic perspective
E. Judy, S. Choudhary and N. Kishore
Austin Biomol 1 (2016) 1003

Co-Ni-B nanocatalyst for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction in wide pH range
S. Gupta, N. Patel, R. Fernandes, R. Kadrekar, A. Dashora, A. K. Yadav, D. Bhattacharyya, S. N. Jha, A. Miotello and D.C. Kothari
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 192 (2016) 126-133.

Efficient Co-B-codoped TiO2 photocatalyst for degradation of organic water pollutant under visible light
R. Jaiswal, N. Patel, A. Dashora, R. Fernandes, M. Yadav, R. Edla, R. S. Varma, D. C. Kothari, B. L. Ahuja and A. Miotello
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 183 (2016) 242-253.

NMR assignments of mitochondrial cyclophilin Cpr3 from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
V. K. Shukla, J. S. Singh, D. Trivedi, R. V. Hosur and A. Kumar
Biomol NMR Assign 10 (2016) 203-206

3-/3,5-Pyrrole-substituted BODIPY derivatives and their photophysical and electrochemical studies
K. J. Jairaj, A. Nimesh, S. Raj and N. Agarwal
J. Chem. Sci 128 (2016) 1435-1443

Ferrocene catalyzed C–H arylation of arenes and reaction mechanism study using cyclic voltammetry
S. Dixit, Q.T. Siddiqui, M. Muneer and N. Agarwal
Tetrahedron Letters 57 (2016) 4228-4231

Physical basis for the ofloxacin-induced acceleration of lysozyme aggregation and polymorphism in amyloid fibrils
S. A. Muthu, N. Mothi, S. M. Shiriskar, R. R. Pissurlenkar, A. Kumar and B. Ahmad
Arch. Biochem. Biophys, 592 (2016) 10-19

Electron heating in Radiation pressure driven proton acceleration with a circularly polarized laser
B. S. Paradkar and S. Krishnagopal
Physical Review E, 93 (2016) 023203

Tuning the presence of dynamical phase transitions in a generalized XY spin chain
U. Divakaran, S. Sharma and A. Dutta
Physical Review E, 93 (2016) 052133

Exploring contributions from incomplete fusion in 6,7Li + 209Bi and 6,7Li + 198Pt reactions
V. V. Parkar, V. Jha and S. Kailas
Physical Review C, 94 (2016) 024609

Observation of gamma-band based on two-quasiparticle configuration in 70Ge
M. K. Raju, P. V. M. Rao, S. Muralithar, R. P. Singh, G. H. Bhat, J. A. Sheikh, S. K. Tandel, P. Sugathan, T. S. Reddy, B. V. T. Rao and R. K. Bhowmik
Physical Review E, 93 (2016) 034317

Structure of 13252Te80 : The two-particle and two-hole spectrum of 13250Sn82
S. Biswas, R. Palit, A. Navin, M. Rejmund, A. Bisoi, M. S. Sarkar, S. Sarkar, S. Bhattacharyya, D. C. Biswas, M. Caamano, M. P. Carpenter, D. Choudhury, E. Clement, L. S. Danu, O. Delaune, F. Farget, G. de France, S. S. Hota, B. Jacquot, A. Lemasson, S. Mukhopadhyay, V. Nanal, R.G. Pillay, S. Saha, J. Sethi, P. Singh, P. C. Srivastava and S. K. Tandel
Physical Review E, 93 (2016) 034324

Structure of 13252Te80 : The two-particle and two-hole spectrum of 13250Sn82
S. Biswas, R. Palit, A. Navin, M. Rejmund, A. Bisoi, M. S. Sarkar, S. Sarkar, S. Bhattacharyya, D. C. Biswas, M. Caamano, M. P. Carpenter, D. Choudhury, E. Clement, L. S. Danu, O. Delaune, F. Farget, G. de France, S. S. Hota, B. Jacquot, A. Lemasson, S. Mukhopadhyay, V. Nanal, R.G. Pillay, S. Saha, J. Sethi, P. Singh, P. C. Srivastava and S. K. Tandel
Physical Review E, 93 (2016) 034324

Low-energy enhancement in the ƴ-ray strength functions of 73,74Ge
T. Renstrøm, H.-T. Nyhus, H. Utsunomiya, R. Schwengner, S. Goriely, A. C. Larsen, D. M. Filipescu, I. Gheorghe, L. A. Bernstein, D. L. Bleuel, T. Glodariu, A. Görgen, M. Guttormsen, T. W. Hagen, B. V. Kheswa, Y.-W. Lui, D. Negi, I. E. Ruud, T. Shima, S. Siem, K. Takahisa, O. Tesileanu, T. G. Tornyi, G. M. Tveten, and M. Wiedeking
Physical Review E, 93 (2016) 064302

Configurations and decay hindrances of high-K states in 180Hf
S. K. Tandel, P. Chowdhury, F. G. Kondev, R. V. F. Janssens, T. L. Khoo, M. P. Carpenter, T. Lauritsen, C. J. Lister, D. Seweryniak, S. Zhu, A. Deacon, S. J. Freeman, N. J. Hammond, G. D. Jones, E. F. Moore and J. F. Smith
Physical Review E, 94 (2016) 064304

Nature of low-lying electric dipole resonance excitations in 74Ge
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Show quenches in a quantum Ising chain; dynamical phase transitions and topology
S. Sharma, U. Divakaran, A. Polkovnikov and A. Dutta
Physical Review B, 93 (2016) 144306

Fission Fragment mass distribution studies in 30Si + 180 Hf reaction
A.Shamlath, M. Shareef, E. Prasad, P. Sugathan, R. G. Thomas, A. Jhingan, S. Appannababu, A. K. Nasirov, A. M. Vinodkumar, K. M. Varier, C. Yadav, B. R. S. Babu, S. Nath, G. Mohanto, Ish Mukul, D. Singh, S. Kailas
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Optically trapping tumor cells to assess differentiation and prognosis of cancers
M. Pradhan, S. Pathak, D. Mathur and U. Ladiwala
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Quantum-classical correspondence for a particle in a homogeneous field
S. Singh, S. Suman and V. Singh
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Yet another encounter with the golden ratio: balancing laminar bodies on the dege
P. Pathak and V. Singh
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The design of a nuclear reactor
J. A. Nathan and V. Singh
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Physical Conditions in three high-z H2-bearing DLAs: implications for grain size
G. Shaw, K. Rawlins and R. Srianand
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Study of 2D MXene Cr2C material for hydrogen storage using density functional theory
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Superheavy nuclei and beyond: A possible upper bound of the periodic table
A. Bhagwat, Y.K. Gambhir and M. Gupta
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Verification of the sputter-generated 32SFn- (n = 1-6) anions by accelerator mass spectrometry
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A GMRT study of Seyfert galaxies NGC 4235 and NGC 4594: evidence of episodic activity?
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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Soc, 459 (2016) 1310-1326

Intranight optical variability of radio-quiet weak emission line quasars – IV
P. Kumar, H. Chand and Gopal-Krishna
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 461 (2016) 666-673

Low temperature electrical characterization of a semiconductor bridge ignitor
P. Bhodankar, P. Parab, S. Shinde, S. Bose and H. Muthurajan
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Tracking galaxy evolution through low-frequency radio continuum observations using SKA and citizen-science research using multi-wavelength data
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From nearby low luminosity AGN to high redshift radio galaxies: Science interests with square kilometre array
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Detection of very hard γ-ray spectrum from the tev blazar mrk 501
A. Shukla, K. Mannheim, V. R. Chitnis, J. Roy, B. S. Acharya, D. Dorner, G. Hughes and A. Biland
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Performance of large area X-ray proportional counters in a balloon experiment
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Compton Scattering
B. Ahuja and A. Dashora
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Differential proteomic analysis of respiratory samples from patients suffering from influenza
R. Chavan, S. Mukherjee, R. Dahake, D. Colvin, A. Kale and A. Chowdhary
Virus Disease 27 (2016) 226–233

NaCl-induced palmelloidy in the green chlorophyte, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
D. K. Khona, S. Shirolikar, K. K. Gawde, E. Hom, M.A. Deodhar and J. S. D’Souza
Algal Research 16 (2016) 434-448

KCl induces PCD through a mitochondrion-mediated Caspase-independent pathway in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
V. L. Sirisha, M. Sinha, K. Gawde, S. M. Shirolikar and J. S. D’Souza
Phycologia 55 (2016) 378-392

Finite group actions
G. Mukherjee, S. Sarkar and D. Sen
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A multispecies exclusion model inspired by transcriptional interference
S. Ghosh, T. Bameta, D. Ghanti and D. Chowdhury
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Effect of double local quenches on Loschmidt echo and entanglement entropy of a one-dimensional quantum system
A. Rajak and U. Divakaran
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Optical control of filamentation-induced damage to DNA by intense, ultrashort, near-infrared laser pulses
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hNCOcanH pulse sequence and a robust protocol for rapid and unambiguous assignment of backbone (1HN, 15N and 13C') resonances in 15N/ 13C- labeled proteins
D. Kumar and R.V. Hosur
Magn. Reson. Chem, 49 (2011) 575-583

Visualization of early events in acetic acid denaturation of HIV-1 protease: a molecular dynamics study
A. N. Borkar, M. K. Rout and R. V. Hosur
PLoS One, 6 (2011) e19830

AUTOBA: automation of backbone assignment from HN(C)N suite of experiments
A. N. Borkar, D. Kumar and R.V. Hosur
J. Biomol. NMR, 50 (2011) 285-297

Approximate approached to the one-dimensional finite potential well
S. Singh, P. Pathak and V. A. Singh
Eur. J. Phys., 32 (2011) 1701-1710

Neutron density distribution and the halo structure of 22C
M. Sharma, A. Bhagwat, Z. A. Khan, W. Haider and Y. K. Gambhir
Phys. Rev. C, 83 (2011) 031601 (R)

Evolution of shell structure in nuclei
A. Bhagwat and Y. K. Gambhir
Intern. J. Modern Phys., E, 20 (2011) 1663-1675

Microscopic description of protons scattering at 295 MeV from Pb isotopes
S. Rafi, D. Pachouri, M.Sharma, A. Bhagwat, W. Haider and Y. K. Gambhir
Phys. Rev. C, 84 (2011) 037604

Microscopic - macroscopic mass calculations with Wigner – Kirkwood expansion
A. Bhagwat, X. Viñas, M. Centelles, P. Schuck and R. Wyss
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser., 321 (2011) 012053

Generation of very low energy spread electron beams using low intensity laser pulses in a low density plasma
A. K. Upadhyay, S. A Samant, D. Sarkar, P. Jha and S. Krishnagopal
Physics of Plasmas, 18 (2011) 033109

Self-focusing and compression of laser pulses in partially stripped plasma
P. Jha, V. Singh and A. K. Upadhyay
Physics of Plasmas, 18 (2011) 073105

Analytical study of higher order modes of elliptical cavities using oblate spheroidal eigenvalue solution
V. Jain, U. V. Bhandarkar, S. C. Joshi and S. Krishnagopal
Phys. Rev. S T Accel. Beams, 14 (2011) 042002

A study of secondary cosmic ray flux variation during the annular eclipse of 15 January 2010 at Rameswaram, India
A. Bhaskara, A. Purohit, M. Hemalatha, C. Pai, A. Raghav, C. Gurada, S. Radha, V. Yadav, V. Desai, A. Chitnis, P. Sarpotdar and A. Patankar
Astroparticle Physics 35 (2011) 223-229

Effect of intense, ultrashort laser pulses on DNA plasmids in their native state: Strand breakages induced by in situ electrons and radicals
J. S. D’Souza, J. A. Dharmadhikari, A. K. Dharmadhikari, B. J. Rao and D. Mathur
Phys. Rev. Lett., 106 (2011) 118101

Experimental observation of thermal fluctuations in single superconducting Pb nanoparticles through tunneling measurements
I. Brihuega, A. M. García-García, P. Ribeiro, M. M. Ugeda, C. H. Michaelis, S. Bose and K. Kern
Physical Rev. B, 84 (2011) 104525

On some conjectures about the chern numbers of filtration
B. Singh, M. Mandal and J. K. Varma
J. Algebra,325 (2011) 147-162

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