CEBS Committees for August 2018-July 2019

Sr. No.Committee NameCoordinator
1 Academic Programme Advisory Committee Prof. Swapan Ghosh
2 Admission Committee Dr. Swapan Ghosh
3 Anti-Ragging Committee Dr. Neeraj Agarwal
4 Biometric Attendance Dr. Swapan Ghosh
5 Colloquium Committee Dr. Manu Lopus
6 Dean and School Chairs -
7 Disciplinary Committee Dr. Dipak K. Palit
8 Emergency Response Team -
9 Ethics Committee Prof. Swapan Ghosh
10 Fees and Charges Committee Dr. Jayant Kayarkar
11 Finance and Accounts Committee Dr. Jayant Kayarkar
12 Graduate Programme Dr. Dipak K. Palit
13 Infrastructure Task Force Committee Dr. Jacinta D'Souza
14 Mess Committee Dr. Mahendra Patil
15 NEST Cell Dr. Ameeya Bhagwat
16 Networking and Website Committee Dr. Manojendu Choudhury
17 Publication Committee Dr. Padmnabh Rai
18 Purchase Committee Dr. Neeraj Agarwal
19 Recruitment Committee Prof. S.G. Dani
20 RTI Cell Dr. Jacinta D'Souza
21 Scientific and Information Resources Centre (SIRC) Committee Dr. Sujit Tandel
22 Security and Safety Committee Dr. Manu Lopus
23 Standing Grievance Committee Dr. Vijay Khole, GC Member
24 Students Affairs Committee Dr. Neeraj Agarwal
25 Technology Transfer Cell Dr. Dipak Palit
26 Women's Cell Dr. Jacinta D'Souza
27 CEBS Alumni Committee Dr. Swapan K. Ghosh

Administrative Staff

NameDesignationPhone No.Email -
Amit Shetkar Library Attendant 91-22-26522132 amit.shetkar
B. P. Srivastava Site Supervisor - -
Bhushan Deshpande Attendant -[at] gmail [dot] com
Deepak P. Hate Consultant (Purchase) 91-22-26524981 hate
J. N. Kayarkar OSD (Administration) 91-22-26521765 jayant.kayarkar
K. P. Balakrishnan Registrar - registrar
Kishore Menon Officer-in -Charge, PR and Student Affairs 91-22-26532132 info
Maharajan Thevar Infrastructure Assistant 91-22-26532132 maharajan.thevar
Maruti Khot Office Attendant 91-22-26524983 maruti.khot
Neha Dandekar Office Superintendent (Finance) 91-22-26524983 neha.dandekar
Nikita Shetkar Office Assistant (Multi-Skills) - nikita.shetkar
P. V. Deshpande System Administrator - pvd
Prashant Gurav System Assistant - prashant.gurav
Raja Agarkar Advisor (Medical) - ryagarkar[at] gmail [dot] com
Rupali Shringare Office Superintendent (Finance) 91-22-26521738 rupali
Shankar Kadam Library Attendant 91-22-26532132 shankar301093[at]gmail[dot]com
Swati V. Kolekar Office Superintendent (Admin) 91-22-26524981 swati
Tushar Bandkar Technician - tushar.bandkar
Vaishali Kedar Office Superintendent (Finance) 91-22-26532132 vaishali
Veena Naik Office Assistant (Purchase & Store) 91-22-26521738 veena


NameDesignationPhone No.Email -
Ajayweer N. Gautam Biology - ajayweer.gautam
Kanak Gawde Biology 91-22-26532140 kanak.gawade
Sonali Dhamapurkar Chemistry 91-22-26532140 sonali.dhamapurkaralp


NameDesignationPhone No.Email -
Plawan Das Mathematics - plawandas
Poulomi Roy Physics - poulomi.roy
S. Gholam Wahid Physics - sgwahid
Yogesha M Biology - yogeshashtkar[at]gmail[dot]


NameDesignationPhone No.Email -
Abhay Bakalkar Lab Attendant (Physics) 91-22-26530224 abhay.bakalkar
Abhijeet Ghag Lab Attendant (Chemistry) 91-22-26532111 abhijeet.ghag
Dinesh Desai Lab Attendant (Chemistry) - dinesh.desai
Harish Hira Singh Lab Attendant (Biology Research Lab) 91-22-26532140 harish
Ram Sore Lab Attendant (Physics & Computer) 91-22-26532140 ram.sore
Rupesh Kamtekar Lab Attendant (Physics) 91-22-26532111 rupesh
Sandesh Kolambe Lab Attendant (Biology) 91-22-26532111 sandeshkolambe91[at]gmail[dot]com
Santosh Sood Lab Attendant (Biology) 91-22-26524978 santosh
Sarath Kumar Lab Attendant (Chemistry) 91-22-26532140 -

Academic Board

A panel of highly eminent and renowned dignitaries working in tandem for achieving the goals of the organization. The Academic Council is responsible for laying down, regulating, and maintaining the standards of teaching, research, extension and examinations in the University.

  • Dr. J. P. Mittal, formerly BARC - Chair
  • Dr.  S. K. Apte, formerly BARC
  • Dr. S. V. Chiplunkar, ACTREC
  • Prof. S. M. Chitre, UM-DAE CEBS
  • Prof. S. G. Dani, UM-DAE CEBS
  • Prof. P. Dongre, UoM
  • Prof. Dipan Ghosh, formerly IIT B
  • Dr. Swapan Ghosh, UM-DAE CEBS
  • Prof. R.V. Hosur, formerly TIFR
  • Dr. Vimal K. Jain, UM-DAE CEBS
  • Prof. B. N. Jagtap, IIT B
  • Prof. Anil Karnik, UoM
  • Prof. Arvind Kumar, UM-DAE CEBS
  • Dr. Smita Mahale, NIRRH
  • Prof.  Anuradha Misra, UoM
  • Prof. M. S. Raghunathan, formerly TIFR
  • Prof. A. K. Srivastava, UoM
  • Dr. K. Subramaniam, HBCSE


Governing Council

The Governing Council is the supreme decision making body of CBS, and consists of the following members:

  • Dr. K.N. Vyas, Chairman, AEC and Secretary to Govt. of India, DAE – Chairman

  • Dr. Suhas Pednekar, Vice Chancellor, University of Mumbai, Co – Chairman

  • Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Mumbai – Member

  • Dr. Anil Kakodkar –Former Chairman, AEC - Member

  • Dr. Vijay Khole – Former Vice Chancellor, UoM - Member

  • Director, BARC

  • Prof. Sandip Trivedi, Director, TIFR – Member

  • Dr. Devang Khakhar , Director, IIT Bombay – Member

  • Mr. S. Mervin Alexander, DAE (In-charge of CEBS) – Member

  • Ms. Richa Bagla, JS(Finance), DAE – Member

  • Finance & Accounts Officer, UoM

  • Dr. Vimal K. Jain, Director, CBS - Member Secretary

  • Registrar, CEBS, Non -Member Secretary




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About Us

CBS was set up by the Department of Atomic Energy and the University of Mumbai in 2007. CBS offers a 5 year integrated MSc program in Basic Sciences, with undergraduate teaching embedded in a postgraduate and research environment, for students who have completed 10+2 schooling or its equivalent.